About me

Nina’s life from the perspective of her camera:

Nina is always running around and doing things that she loves- shopping for groceries, cooking in her kitchen, eating at ethnic restaurants, traveling around the world, and spending time in nature. When she was living in NYC, I use to rest comfortably in my camera bag during the week but that idyllic life has come to an end.  Since she quit her job in July 2010 and moved to France to pursue her MBA, I have been working very hard by her side. Nina never seems to go anywhere without me in her backpack! I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because the only things she lets me see are the best cuisines, picturesque landscapes, and beautiful people. Though, I do get irritated when my lens fogs up when she is photographing hot foods.

Some of the things Nina has done that I have enjoyed in the last two years are:

Foraging for mushroom in the French Alps
Setting my sights on the Pyramids of Giza
Feeling the heat of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Smelling all the French cuisines that she has learned to make
Looking at the joy on her face when she is licking a cone of gelato
Witnessing happy moments with the friends she has made from around the world
Overhearing her excitement when Nina realized she was done with her MBA
Bumping up and down when she is riding her bike around Grenoble

It seems like my work is going on overdrive starting June 2012 when Nina is taking a whirlwind tour around Eastern Europe and South East Asia to mark the end of her MBA studies. I want to enjoy it while it lasts since my life will become dull when she goes back to her real life again. Stay tuned to see what Nina has in store for us. Please wish us safe travels and no stomach bugs!

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